A half-day Workshop of the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RECSYS 2011)

Sunday October 23nd 2011 - Afternoon

Research on "Human-Recommender Interaction" is scarce. Algorithm optimization and off-line testing using measures like RMSE are dominant topics in the RecSys community, but theorizing about consumer decision processes and measuring user satisfaction in online tests is less common. Researchers in Marketing and Decision-Making have been investigating consumer choice processes in great detail, but only sparingly put this knowledge to use in technological applications. Human-Computer Interaction has been focusing on the usability of interfaces for ages, but does not seem to link research on consumer choice and recommender system interfaces.

During RecSys 2010, we organized the first UCERSTI workshop to bridge these gaps. Two keynote speeches, 7 accepted papers and a lively panel discussion introduced the visitors of RecSys 2010 to the field of Human-Recommender Interaction. By means of UCERSTI 2 we hope to further strengthen the bonds between these researchers, to exchange new experiences, and meet other new researchers working on user-centric research in Recommender Systems.

The proposed format will be a half-day workshop with paper and poster presentations, and will be concluded by a panel discussion on "Recommender system evaluation : creating a unified, cumulative science". This panel discussion will be introduced by Joseph A. Konstan and Bart Knijnenburg.


Note that everyone is welcome to attend this workshop.